Come and learn about flooding, storms and overheating at our in-depth, free to attend conference during Resilience14, 26 November, Watford

Last winter thousands of households in England and Wales were affected by storms and floods, which once again emphasised the vulnerability of the built environment to severe weather. The UK also faces risks from extreme seasonal temperatures, with harsher winters posing a threat to occupants struggling to heat poorly insulated properties and hotter summers presenting health risks in overheated and poorly ventilated buildings.

Resilience14 will host two in-depth sessions, addressing the key issues, challenges and solutions related to flooding and overheating.

Britain Under Water

This session is based on BRE’s acclaimed conference of the same name and features many of the same experts. Find out more...


Britain Overheating

This session will explore the effects of overheating on occupants and what can be done to reduce the problem of overheating buildings. More details...

Join our expert speakers from Defra, UNESCO-IHE,  AXA Insurance UK plc, find out more here.


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